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Originally Posted by Chris Robinson View Post
That's part of the problem. For someone with no medical background (such as myself), how am I to know which studies are accurate or which doctors to believe? You can seemingly find a study that supports almost any position, so how does one differentiate between quality and junk?
The businessweek one is pretty good, that and whatever Dr Eades has to say is usually right on.....after all he is a Dr and people listen to Drs. Most of those positions are not funded by anyone.....studies on statins are funded by drugs companies and have many Drs getting loads of kickbacks. All you can do is read everything and decide for yourself what is the right course of action.

Giving away the power of controlling your own health to some "authority" or "expert" is what has gotten us in all this mess in the first place. Time to take back full control.
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