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Rene, I'm just following the novice strength program that Rippetoe outlines in his book "Starting Strength". It calls out squats each of the 3 days of the week one works out every week. The way I understand the reasoning is that you up the wieght as you are able. If that means each workout, so be it. My belief is that one would quickly reach a point by upping the weights that failure would logically occur and that's not good. Therefore I am just going week to week to give adaptation a chance to work better for me. So far it is working but even so the weights are quickly reaching a point at which reps are failing. Not a big deal yet though. Again, I'm just trying to stick with the program as strictly as possible. After all, if you don't follow the program as outlined in the book you don't get to call it the Starting Strength Program. Crossfit was what actually led me into this as it exposed the fact that I was ridicously lacking in this area.
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