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Originally Posted by Jacob Rowell View Post
thanks Dave,

I've kept up with Brian Amundsen's stuff through p&b, very informative. What I find interesting is doing DE work with the implements. I was considering doing DE work with the bar and doing the ME stuff with the log/axle/whatever.

Hadn't seen the other guy's stuff. I will probably implement something along the lines the powerlifting/strongman routine. My gym lifts aren't where they need to be!

To top it all off, my shoulders started hurting during jerks today (but strangely enough, not during my pressing before)

BA definitely knows his stuff. So does Tom M, the other link.

I may see you there Jacob, as a 200, even though i hate the light/ fast contests(they definitely dont favor me).

IMO if you already have the strength do do the events, just sticking around those weights and working on speed/ endurance will be the most beneficial.

I Usually do heavy events one week, lighter, longer , faster then next week. It's been working for 2+ years for me.

as far as DE work for the gym, I think Defranco is more on the money for an athlete, which i consider SM competitors to be. More jumping/plyo/ traditional sprinting stuff then light fast squatting/ pressing. I didnt really notice much of a difference when doing DE days in the gym, but it may work for you. IMO your better off keeping OLY stuff in your program then using the typical WS DE days. The argument was/is that the DE days with squats/deads/bench are better for athletes b/c the OLY lifts take too much time to learn/perfect...this wouldnt be the case for someone who already knows the OLY lifts. As far as bands+ chains go, i like to use them on my normal days or ME work.
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