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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
Are you doing any back lever or front lever progressions? That might help balance out the strength front-to-back.

Sounds like the Bulgarian dips are really aggravating things too. You might want to go easy on them or take a break from them for a while.
I'm pretty close to achieving the front lever, but I haven't done any back lever work. I've been doing a lot of mobility work for my shoulders-wall extensions, external and internal rotation stretches, reach over and lift exercise, shoulder dislocates, etc. I've seen a lot of improvements, but my internal rotation is really lacking, esp. because I don't put much emphasis on it because it doesn't seem to be hindering me in any obvious way. My wall extensions are getting better, but I wish they got better faster.

I did try massaging the front deltoids a bit, and it does feel as if there might be some minor knots. I'll try massaging my shoulders and see how that goes.
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