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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
knees, and that's the point and the importance - it's very common for athletes to begin scooping immediately after the bar passes the knees rather than waiting until it's a bit higher on the thighs. this means less hamstring tension, and consequently less snap in the 2nd pull.
That is what I thought. I think this is also the point my O'Lifting coach has been trying to ingrain in me. He has a different coaching style, where as he is not real concerned with where the bar is (i.e. hang or mid-hang), but he is really wanting me to get that full knee extension prior to jump/shrug. He is looking at my shins to see that they are vertical or beyond vertical prior to the jump/shrug.

So in theory, aren't my shins supposed to be approximately vertical as the bar passes the knees (i.e. hang) and therefore at mid-hang I am reaching the beyond vertical point with my shoulders well out in front of the bar.

Also, just so we are on same page with different terminologies, is your reference to the "scoop" the same as my reference to the "jump/shrug" cue....
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