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Originally Posted by Neill Occhiogrosso View Post
I can't argue that part. I felt great for the most part on the diet, but the depletion workouts were grueling, and performance on those days suffered.
I've been on about 19-23% carbs the last few days, ~30% protein and ~50% fat. Total less than 1200 Calories. And I'm thinking the carbs may be a bit low, I mean I've been feeling like a piece of shit during the last three days worth of metcon workouts. Did Fran, for example, and my time was worse than the first time I met her. Don't know how much of that is nutrition, though, since I haven't been able to do any kind of metcons for about six months (except for the odd one I decided to try and usually left my back aching).

Anyway, I plan on upping the carbs and Calorie intake a little bit over the weekend after the strength workouts, doing this for two weeks and then weighing myself and seeing how I feel before I decide whether to change anything or not.

This would put me pretty close to the Ultimate Diet 2.0 thing I read about.
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