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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
I've been holding off on the back lever until I achieve the front lever, and I don't really have much time or ability to add in anything more right now. I will try adding in some German hangs and maybe some skin the cats to my warmup. I have limited space, so I may only be able to do the skin the cats in the tuck version.

I've been neglecting to stretch the shoulders in the manner of flexibility that's required for the German hangs. Maybe that's part of the problem. There always seems to be more bases to cover...
recently i've been focusing more on statics than anything else. i've been opting to cut out other crap that fills my workouts just to get these more perfected. it seems like a basic scenario of building a foundation IMO. for example, i'd really like to put some full planche pushups in my workout. i kinda need a full planche to accomplish this.

i'm not O-lifting right now just to give more time to gymnastics work. the only real weights i'm using at the moment are kettlebells for metcons and juggling. from BJJ i always take the stance that "how am i gonna move the other guy if i can't move myself in the first place?" i take the same stance with workouts. "how am i gonna move a ton of weight when i can't move my own body in the first place?" why would you try squat a huge weight with your ass to the floor when you can't squat your ass to the floor without a weight? whether this applies to flexibility or max effort static strength, it just seems necessary to me to give these factors precedence. then we can add the fun fluff of a metcon with ice cream makers followed by a C&J.
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