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I'm not sure how complete this will be.. I do SOMETHING every day. My current schedule of official events:
Mon: TKD
Tues: Gymnastics
Wed: Juggling
Thurs: Swing dance
Fri: TKD
Sat: Parkour
Sun: Parkour then Gymnastics

I do other things throughout the rest of the week, but that's a good idea of my weekly evening schedule.

I recently started doing Starting Strength in the mornings (MWF schedule) with Charles Moreland and some other friends from school. For the first two weeks we're going to be doing mostly skill work and finding our maxes, then we have a two week christmas break, and then the rest of the school quarter we'll be doing the full workouts. I will at least post what I did each SS workout, I probably won't be posting much about most of my other activities on a regular basis.

Current stats: 155#, 5'7"

My short and long term goals broken into categories:

1) Finish fixing final 5% of elbow pain.
2) Eliminate dysfunctional inflexibility in the upper back
3) Complete final 15-20% of posture correction in hips (currently tilted down a bit too much)
4) Full splits.
5) Correct shoulder posture (linked to #2?)
6) Figure out what's causing burning sensation in instep when I run for longer than 1/4 mile (and fix it).

1) Increase the height on my side summi
2) Round-off back handspring & round-off backtuck
3) Flashkicks
4) Hold a handstand consistently for 10 seconds.
5) Frontflips from a height of 3 ft.
6) Feel comfortable throwing back layouts outside.
7) Feel comfortable throwing wallflips outside.
8) 6ft Rail precision
9) Work on getting more distance from reverse vaults (see: Jereme)
10) 540 kicks on my non-dominant side.
11) B-twist

1) Squat: 300#
2) Deadlift: 225#
3) Chest press: 165#
4) Overhead press: 115#
5) Increase vertical jump by 12 inches
6) Increase horizontal jump by a foot length
7) Press-handstand progressions
8) 10 muscle ups on bar (with no elbow pain).
9) Explosive pike pushups
10) Stair progression of explosive pushups
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