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First week and a half:

2008/12/08 - Monday

Run 1/4 mile
Row 500m
Taught/learned air squats with a broomstick. Probably about 4x5.

N/A. It was most people's first time lifting, so we spent most of the time teaching squats, deadlifts, and chest press. Mostly with an empty bar, increased to additional 10-20#s just to ensure comfortability with the movements.

2008/12/10 - Wednesday

Row 500m
4x5 air squats with broomstick

Workout theme: Skillwork and finding maxes.

Squats: 5 reps, didn't count sets, estimate 7-8. Built up to 145#.
Chest press: 5 reps, didn't count sets, estimate 7-8. Built up to 110#.

I can definitely increase the weight of the squats more. I was having minor discomfort as bar started to slide further down my back, but had absolutely no issues squatting the weight. I could easily hit 175, my estimate of my max is in the 190-200# range.

I was having major stability issues with the chest press. This is my first time chest pressing, so I'm sure that's part of it, and I haven't ever done much stability work in that position. I had no strength issues, pushing the bar up was easy even at 110#. I'm wary of going past 110# until the stability issues are worked out.

2008/12/12 - Friday

Warmup: Row 500m

Workout theme: Skillwork and finding maxes.

Chest press:
1x5 - empty bar
1x5 - 95#
3x5 - 105#

3x5 - 65#
1x5 - 75#
3x5 - 115#

Got about 3 hours of sleep. Went out to pick up Hardcoretraceur from the bus station at 10pm, then came home and we + some friends watched The Dark Knight. Got to bed around 2:15am, got up at 5:30am to lift. Decided to skip the squats because my left ankle was hurting a little bit, and I wanted to fix my deadlift form anyway (Hence the three sets at really low weight). 115# was the highest I felt safe trying with so little sleep. I tried alternating the chest press between going slow and going faster.

Stretched for cooldown, then went to pick up KC Parsons and a friend of his from the bus station. Went to a diner, got a 3 egg omlette with turkey, and then two pancakes, home fries, and toast.

Came back home around 10:30, and everyone has been asleep since. We're going to the rock climbing gym tonight before we pick up Bryan Augstein and Chris Price, and then we're going to finish trashing our bodies by going out for Garbage Plates (wiki it).

I hurt all over. My elbows feel pretty tender, my ankle hurts, and I think I'm getting some referred pain to the knees as well... it's due to lack of sleep. No plans for tomorrow morning, so we'll all sleep in.

2008/12/15 - Monday
No workout. Had to drive Jesse and Bryan to the bus station during that time, class and work the rest of the day.

2008/12/17 - Wednesday

2x10 squats with empty bar.

Workout theme: Skillwork and finding maxes
2x5 95#
2x5 125#
2x5 145#
2x5 155#
2x5 165#
2x5 175#

Full ROM dips:

1x5 95#
1x5 115#
1x5 135#

Got 3 hours of sleep, and woke up late. Discovered last night and confirmed this morning that most, if not all, remaining elbow pain is due to upper back dysfunctional inflexibility. When I am sitting with feet together, chin to chest, bending down to touch my toes, I feel tightness in specific areas of my upper back and neck, but it also was activating most (or maybe all? couldn't quite tell) the areas that were still painful.

This is my last gym workout of the year, our next scheduled one is Friday and I go home Thursday night. I plan on doing a lot of squats and dips at home, and then slowly working on pullups again. My goal is to spend an hour each day stretching, primarily my upper back and neck. I'll apply heat with a heating pad we have before and after stretching, and I hope I can help fix some of this problem.

I can deadlift more, I'm a lot more comfortable with my form now, I just didn't have time to today. I can squat a bit more, probably pretty close to my previous estimate of the 200 range. I'm going to switch (with charlie's recommendation) to 3x5 dips and start adding weight.
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