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Calm down my friend, I did not mean to start a fight. I am sorry if my post sounded sassy. In fact, I was just having fun. My job deals with ultra-serious diseases and not-so-pleasent experimental procedures. So, I come online during breaks (not many of those now a days) to chill out.

I am aware of many of the properties of that particular herb (and a few others), as I did a lengthy research project on the topic in graduate school. I'm talking biochem, mol. bio, analytical chem.. the works. I was interested in herbal products back then, but have since lost interest. The marketing and general bull-shit associated with many of those companies (herb, supplements, etc.) is right up there with the marketing and bull-shit associated with big pharma. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

I was not aware of the medherb journal, but it looks interesting. I would have to check up on the advisory board, the editor(s) and read a few articles before I made my own decision about it's content.

I am certain many herbs have pharmacological effects, but I am not as certain about the safety or efficacy research behind them. Many, in my opinion, are poorly run or poorly documented with substandard scientific practices. They do seem to be getting much better though, but still not yielding any magic results I’m waiting for (like the Spice Mélange).

I am also certain that some herbalists, supplement peddlers and the like walk that felonious line that divides humble suggestion and practicing medicine without a license.

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