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Originally Posted by Zachary Cohn View Post
Allen -

I should learn a bit more about goal setting and the relationships between the lifts, and then go back and reevaluate my goals. A lot of them are just kind of shots in the dark, but currently..

Squat: 200#
Deadlift: 155# (but can definitely go higher.)
Chest press: 115#
Overhead Press: 85#

I'm 5'7", 155lbs. I mentioned this in the latest few posts, but I'm definitely not eating enough. The irregular schedule of university life makes it difficult. For example: right now it's almost 7pm and all i've had today are two scones and a banana... I'm trying to eat as much as I can, but it's been hard so far.

Ryan - Hey! Good to see you here. Soon they'll have no choice but to submit to our will.

Or something... :-)
I was wondering about the goals because usually a person's DL is on par if not higher than the back squat.

I apologize for not reading through the stuff you had posted. I know university life can make it tough to eat but it is possible. You can't/shouldn't do SS on top of all that other stuff if you in a caloric deficit.
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