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I haven't read THAT one, but I've read The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Solution and another one... I'll edit to update when I'm at my bookcase, and they have some great ideas, but my little one doesn't let those work.

I can soothe him down and put him to sleep, but he will wake after 15 or 20 minutes and I'll just do that soothe/put him down over and over until I am the one who is exhausted. This kid is his own strong willed little person, and if baby dontwannasleep, baby don't sleep! I wonder where he gets the stubborn thing from?

I can't even try the letting him cry method- I'd rather just do without sleep myself. I wind up nearly in tears and with a soaked shirt if I hear him calling and I don't go to him. I guess I literally don't have the fortitude.

Thanks for the support. I put him in a backpack and pace the floor while reading (my own stuff) out loud to him in funny voices.
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