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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
Now here's a question for Lincoln, Sumo and Blobert.
Coach has said like 40 times to me "Freedo - your a
strong guy..." "Freedo your a thick powerful guy..."
on and on.

Since he's coached world class lifters, does that mean
I'm strong now?
That's kind of sad. Actually reading the whole thing makes me feel sorry for him, especially because he's blaming stuff on his shoulder and height but I'm guessing probably realizes on some level that he's making excuses. And I felt bad reading about his knee.

In teaching theory they always say you're supposed to use as many or more positive statements than negative statements, and I know it makes a huge difference for me... knowing whoever is helping me (in anything from Olylifting to punching straight to making cordage, or fixing bikes, or whatever) has enough respect to find some things I don't suck at even when I'm messing up a lot of things. It must be really hard for coaches to find the balance, where if you're too nice people write things like "I'm as strong as world class lifters" and if you're too mean they never come back.
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