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Default New OL vid series

OK, I've been lurking here for a long time, using the site for info on tips and techniques to get better at these ridiculously addicting lifts. I bought Greg Everett's book and vid, as well as, oh I don't know.... a couple of dozen of other books and vids.

Well, somehow I stumbled into an extremely talented coach... and I was lucky enough to actually have the opportunity to work with him. He's in the DC/MD/VA area, so if you're local, you should definitely check him out in person. I am nowhere near there, so have worked via e coaching since the end of November. It requires a lot of time, good videos to work through, and willingness to change, but... damn. Well worth the effort required.

See what you think. The vids are great... I just copied the entire list from another forum, I hope that's OK. He's really helped me enormously.


Snatch Demo Series:

Part 1: Setting up

Part 2: Dead Hang Snatch

Part 3: Snatch Balance/Drop Snatch

Part 4: Pulling Sequence From Above the Knee

Part 5: Pulling From Above the Knee

Part 6: Pulling Sequence From the Floor

Part 7: Eccentric Pulling

Part 8: Accessory Pulls

Jerk Demo Vids:

Part 1: Setting up

Part 2: Dipping

Part 3: Drive and Catch

Part 4: Jerk Balances

Part 5: Other Types of Jerks

Part 6: Other Jerk Assistance

Misc Stuff Regarding Bar Height:

For the Clean

For the Snatch
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