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Originally Posted by Yuen Sohn
(especially when I want to maximize my calorie-to-dollar ratio)
Wow! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who things like this! About two weeks ago, I must have spent fifteen minutes at Shopper's with a calculator coming up with "calorie per dollar" numbers for all the ice creams they had.

Fortunately, the Kirkland stuff only costs $8.79 per gallon. Not only is that price on par with stuff like Breyers, but it's calorie count is through the roof! It comes out only about 50 calories per dollar less than the generic brand 5qt. tubs, I believe, but is far superior in quality.

Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
That and chocolate syrup combine to form one of my very favorite desserts of all time (starting from childhood).
2/3rds cup of vanilla ice cream
1/3 cup of almond butter (raw, unsalted)

Mix. Eat. Cry from happiness.
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