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Default Bar tiltinig to one side - Front Squat, Clean

My wife and friend have both commented when I have been doing Front Squats or Cleans that the bar is slanting to one side when looking at me from the front. It must be a fairly pronounced slant if they have both noticed and commented.

I personally can't feel myself doing it. I have always been more concerned with having the bar in all the proper alignment when looking from the side view. In other words, a correct bar path, having bar over mid-foot area, proper back angles, etc.

So is the bar slanting from one side to the other a problem as long as all the aformentioned proper form is in place? If so, how do I fix it when I can't even feel that I am doing this.

My guess is that one of my shoulders is more flexible then the other from the "Rack" position which is causing an un-even rack. So maybe the answer is keep working on the flexibility.

Also, I have some video of me doing clean on another thread of mine. I don't know if this problem is evident in the video.
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