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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Vid the front angle! Probably one of the few times the side is not useful, eh?
I'll try to get a video from the front.

Originally Posted by Brandon Oto View Post
I often find this fixes itself at heavier weights.
I don't think the weight is correcting my problem. My buddy at the gym commented when he saw me Front Squatting 265 and my wife commented about it today when I was doing CJ's with 205.

I don't feel out of balance at all. I generally face away from the mirror when I go to the local globo, but I think next time I do front Squats the easy way to fix this problem is to face the mirror and correct it myself.

I am pretty sure it has to do with one shoulder being more flexible than the other. I can do the shoulder stretch where you reach behind your head with one arm (i.e. a tricep stretch) and reach around your back with the other arm and clinch your hands together. I can clinch hands together going one direction and barely touch fingers going the other direction. I bet that tight side is throwing it off balance.
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