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Originally Posted by Joe Birch View Post
Thankyou for the quick reply Mr Ross. Just out of interest do ever train any team sports athlete's? (soccer, hockey etc). I'd imagine if significant gains can be seen with such short track time (compared to other sprint programs) it would appeal massively to these kind of athlete's.
Yes, I've personally trained athletes in volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, rugby, sprints, throws, jumpers and distance runners.
Others have used the system in speed skating (the Chinese female speed skating team went from no gold medals to winning 10 gold and 10 silver/bronze medals and one World record--in one season--using our DL protocol).
It is also being used by short track bike racers.
I've had discussions with an NHL team regarding the implementation of the protocol.

Implementing the protocol in professional sports is problematical because of the minimalism of the program

I'm currently providing the strength training for an athlete at a major D1 school with permission of the coaching staff there.
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