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Thank you for spending the time replying to my questions, Mr. Ross.

I am not sure if I am fully understanding this portion of your comments:

What this means is that there is a significant anaerobic fuel reserve. So much so that fast twitch fiber will simply stop creating the necessary tension to continue.
All fiber types create tension with in the muslces: Aerobic fibers run out of fuel supply to "feed" the fibers, causing the runner to slow down or even stop; anaerobic fibers have an over abundance fuel, which causes the motor units to stop firing. It's like having a lot of fuel in the tank but the spark plugs won't fire.
The abstract from this study states:

Thus, the present results show that the degree of hypoxia affects the magnitude of the hypoxia-induced increase in anaerobic energy release in the late phase of the WT and suggest that certain degrees of hypoxia induce significant increases in the amount of anaerobic energy released, compared to normoxia.
Am I correct in assuming that your training is designed to minimize the body's reliance on the aerobic system?

Also, what are your thoughts on lactic acid buildup during the 400 m? Do you not have to be trained to efficiently utilize and shuttle out lactic acid?

Thanks again. I am looking forward to your next book. Is there any expected release date?
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