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Yep, I'm aware of the fractional weights and I actually have them but to me they are a pain to use. I'd rather just bump them up as I described for now. It seems to me to be a case of a variation on the same method as Milo anywho. The only time I'd lift the same amount each week would be if I had failed to complete on all reps. If that continued to happen at a given weight I'd just reset to lower weights and go on another run to try and break through that barrier. If failure continued despite that strategy that would mean I've reached a more advanced stage in my training and it would be necessary to introduce other means to advance. Before I do any of "the other stuff" I'm going to give this program an honest 6 months as Rx'd in the book though. I like this program a great deal as in the past I never trained in a methodical manner. I'd just find some kind of athletic endeavor I liked and go off and do it until I got bored.
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