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Originally Posted by Michael Lynn View Post
I'm curious about this too. I understand that grains in general are unhealthy, but white vs wheat, which is the better choice if I'm going to indulge?

Personally I'd forgo both breads and go with the chocolate cake we had last time I was in Boston. Then wash it down with some mead. Mmmmmmm MEAD (various Homer Simpson noises)

Originally Posted by Aimee Anaya View Post
quoting a fabulous friend, "Gluten is DEATH".

Try gluten free pancakes! you can buy the mix at Trader Joes, and with blueberries, butter and syrup, you can hardly tell the difference. Then you won't have to decide on which is worse of the two bad things!
I had gluten free cookies a couple weeks back and was quite surprised by the absolute deliciousness to which you speak of. I'll have to get the pancakes next time I go shopping at TJs, but replace the blueberries with chocolate chips. BTW there apple wood bacon is the greatest thing I have ever tasted.
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