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Originally Posted by joe murphy View Post
I think that is called pascal's wager.
It is:'s_Wager

I seem to recall that DeVany once said something to the effect of "you cannot control outcomes, you can only influence probabilities." In reference to Pascal's wager, the "expected value" of living as though my lifestyle choices will have an effect on my longevity would appear to be higher. Potentially large upside and relatively little (if any) downside.

While there will always be exceptions (the seemingly healthy person who dies young of cancer; the drinking, smoking party machine who lives to 90), there does seem to a fairly significant amount of research indicating that lifestyle choices (not just diet) do have an effect on genetic expression, and therefore, longevity and quality of life. Like most every other area of life, YMMV.


Habbits for more cell repair than cell destruction. Antioxidants. IF. Best quality of live raw foods. Stress reduction. Better sleep. At least strength for all major muscles 1x a week, compound movements. Toxin removal from all aspects of life (food, air, water, etc). and Peace of Mind doesnt hurt either.
Excellent summary... especially the parts about stress reduction and peace of mind.

Great question, Alan, and good points by all.

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