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Default Training grip for farmers

Alright, I'm trying to plan in grip work to get my farmer's under control. Right now, my PRs there are 240x2 @ 100' and 250x2 @ 70. Both times, grip was the limiting factor. The pick is fine, could probably use some work actually walking with it, but one thing at a time...

Last time, I though I could get by doing deadlifts, some axle work, rope climbs, etc.. No dice. Maybe it wasn't enough work over a long enough period of time, but it surely did not do the trick.

This time around, I'm thinking about picks and holds for time. Max efforts, starting with several efforts and fairly light weight, and hopefully move to more weight and fewer efforts over time.

Considering gripper work when I'm bored. I feel many will be skeptical of this, but as long as I'm not overtraining my grip, don't see how it can hurt, and not much of a cost in terms of time and energy invested.

I'll be doing short metcons, almost to the point of drawn out medleys with moderate weights. They make me fast, and at the very least mentally prepare me for medleys/distance and rep events. I'll incorporate grip work here, such as axle, rope climbs, sandbags,etc..

Anything you guys might add or do differently? Thanks!
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