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Calm down?!! Them's fightin' words!!

I am just playing. I agree with you-- most products in stores are formulated by marketers. Herbs, supplements, etc. are not a baseline strategy for dealing with daily life--good sleep, exercise, diet, etc. are. Most herbal formulas you buy in store, IF they have an effect at all, are only good for masking deeper underlying problems that people aren't taking care of (and letting them go unabated.) I also think allopathic medicine often treats symptoms instead of the root cause of conditions and docs prescribe medicines that are harmful in the long term when there are other alternatives.

I think you'd like the journal. Paul Bergner is amazing and ranks up there with people like Robb, in my opinion. He had an "Herban legends" lecture I attended which was amazing. He had a critical thinking question format at the end that he has his students use where they find three MEDLINE articles and determine whether the studies are based on humans, account for all confounding factors, use appropriate form, dose and duration of intervention, measure real results instead of indicators, are interpreted properly, fit in context of the larger body of research, do not have deliberate bias, have significant results, which show what the title and abstract claim they do, etc. It would be nice if people who dismiss plants like SJW offhand would know how to read the scientific studies--if they did they would know there were a lot of problems with the hypericum studies.

I've seen plants do some really amazing things that allopathic medicine couldn't touch (like SJW basically curing radial mononeuropathy, for one) and I've seen a lot of prevented surgeries... and I think many allopathic meds are suspect, not to mention the fact that iatrogenic deaths are at least the third leading cause of death in North America, and possibly the leading cause.
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