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2009/01/26 - Monday

Warmup: 500m row

Workout theme: Max out.

1x5 95#
1x5 135#
1x5 175#
1x5 190#
3x5 200#

Overhead press:
1x5 45#
1x5 65#
3x5 85#

1x5 95#
1x5 135#
1x5 155#
1x5 165#

Getting better. Eating more. I've noticed that whenever I have junk food (chocolate, cookies) I feel sick afterwards. This never used to happen... I wonder if it's a result of my 72 hour fast. Any ideas?

Going heavier on the deadlifts. 165 was a lot, I think I could have done 170 but I didn't want to over-do it. I'm going to push for 170 or 175 next time, I think. I'm getting closer to my max, I was definitely too timid starting out.

Pains: The twinge in my thigh is gone, the minor pain I had in my knee after last week's 200# is gone. I feel like the overhead presses are helping my shoulder stability a bit. It doesn't seem to have been cracking as much.
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