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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
people who worry about making mistakes spend a lot of time and energy amounting to nothing. at the very least, those that don''t sweat it and let it ride as best they can have more fun taking the thousand shots that miss than the guys riding the bench wringing their hands.
I don't think we're so much in disagreement, here. I absolutely agree that it's better to be the one trying than to be the one too afraid of failure to try. But even better is the person who is simultaneously tries and succeeds. That's all.

Originally Posted by David Aguasca View Post
Besides, Honda makes ROBOTS. They can walk up stairs and jog and dance...they have a jogging, stair-walking, dancing robot army. Where's your robot army, Derek?
I do not have a robot army. Who told you that? Because they were lying. I do not have a robot army. We apologize for any disappointment you may have suffered on account of this misconception. However, there will be... cake.
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