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Default Melatonin and Body Temperature

Thought I'd share a recent observation:

Lately I've been having trouble falling asleep, and on two separate occasions about 2 weeks apart decided to take 3mg melatonin. I slept for 7 hours and was wakened by the alarm.

Both times I found my body temperature upon waking had dropped by nearly 1 degee F (0.5 C) from the previous day's. The next day it was back to normal. I track my morning body temperature regularly and know how it varies with the menstrual cycle - neither of these days should have shown a significant change.

I've heard warnings before not to take melatonin unless you know you have time to sleep til you wake naturally, now I'm even more convinced. Apparently melatonin is involved in body temp regulation, lowering the temp at night to make you sleepy.

I'm not sure how long the temperature drop lasted but it was pretty alarming the first time (96.3 F... not good).
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