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Standard warm-up

SN Work:

OHS work with the bar only, just worked on getting the scapulas retracted and elevated and sitting in the squat position with the palms turned out, did this for a while and started adjusting to it pretty well.

Followed the OHS with Pressing SN balance for 20kg x 5 x 3 pretty much same focus as above here.

C&J work:

Worked on some hang positions and racking positions for a while and then turned it up with some strength work.

C&J + FS + Split Squat 40kg x 3 x 3

I occasionally mixed in PP form behind the head for fun.

I mixed in some Gymnastics stuff as well:

Handstands against a wall: 5 sets 40s, 30s, 29s, 28s, 30s

Bulgarian ring dips: 5 x 3

Ended with some Core work:

GHR from floor: 3 x 8

Hanging Leg raises: 2 x 8

Sleep kinda sucked and nutrition kind of sucked today only because I did not get much meals in. Had a CPR class today and in a couple months I have the instructors course since I'll be teaching CPR and first aid classes in a few months.
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