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Craig Brown
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I'll second the: just pick something, and do it. I've done great with CF, great with Super Squats- the rest is diet. If you like Ross, and repect his work, I'd wholeheartedly think about buying Infinite Intensity. Set up at home, do what he has laid out. Dial in you food. Ignore all training advice from anyone but Ross for a few months. The hardest parts are food, and focus. Just decide you'll pick a program and stick to it for a few months. One nice thing with Ross is he's got a coherent method that is pretty cheap on the gear front, as brutally hard as you want it to be, and has a one-stop-shop set up if you choose to use it- there's a tone of folks on his forum using his stuff. In the internet age it's hard to not be continuously moved from program to program to program...I did well with Super Squats because all I did was Squats, Deads, Chins, Dips, and Rows for half a year. I didn't know enough to get bogged down in the minutae.
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