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2009/01/28 - Wednesday

Warmup: 500m row

Workout theme: Max out.

1x5 45# (I can probably start skipping this one)
1x5 95#
1x5 135#
1x5 175#
3x5 205#

Overhead press:
1x5 45#
1x5 65#
1x1 85#

1x5 115#
1x5 145#
1x5 165#
1x5 175#

Pretty good.

Squat: I can probably skip the 45#...
Overhead press: Elbow started hurting at 65, and I felt a lot of pain on the 85. Not sure what's going, but I'm wondering if I'm lacking some flexibility. I have a lot of trouble holding the bar comfortably..

Comfortable increasing my deadlifts by 10 for now. I don't want to push it any higher than that, today 175 was hard, but I can probably increase by 10 once more to catch up to my actual max before going back to 5.
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