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Some quad soreness coming in (prob. from both lifting and rolling), upper back a bit, pecs and arms a bit. Calves a fair bit though not a problem.

Practice with Knights. Some fighting, some drill, then... tag football in the mud. Fair enough.

I was wearing my cleats (to fight) and nobody else was, plus of course pretty much everyone's kinda a small geeky type there, so I was flattening some. The conditioning caught up with me of course but with the breaks it went all right. Ankles pulled through pretty well, no rolling... although as I get home now I have a wicked soreness medial and distal of the right medial malleolus (in the little pit), not sure if it just added up on me. Took some bonks, butted knees with someone, but no real injuries. Pretty good speed and power, good hitting though I went all-out rarely (felt kinda bad), mostly good catches though dropped a couple easy ones, and all good throws on the few times I QB'd.

Noticed left knee (mostly during fighting) but not a problem.


Oh wowza, sore as a beast getting out of bed. Subsided but was hearty all day. Calves, glutes (inc. sides), high and outside on quads (pocket area), abs (from calisthenics? particularly on sides, just below ribs. might be from getting hit in football.), shoulder girdle, knees... quite all over.


Still sore, but mellowed some. Mostly in upper quad/outer glute area, calves (all around) some. Groin (adductors), lower back some.


STARTING V-DIET as of this EVENING (post-workout). Schema:

Max: 1393
Min: 1672

1 scoop (Metabolic Drive): 1.5f, 3c, 20p
1 cap (GNC Triple Fish Oil): 1.5f
1 surge (Biotest Surge Recovery): 26p, 51c
1 tbsp flax (whole flax seeds I ground in the blender, couldn't find milled): 3f, 1p
Hot Rox to be experimented with.
Multivitamin each meal.

1: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 2 tbsp
2: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 2 tbsp
3: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 2 tbsp
4: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 2 tbsp
5: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 1 tbsp

10 scoops (15f, 30c, 200p) 135f, 120c, 800p
5 caps (7.5f) 67.5f
9 tbsp flax (27f, 9p) 243f, 36p

30c, 49.5f, 209p
120cal c, 445.5cal f, 836cal p
1401.5 calories

1: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 3 tbsp
2: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 2 tbsp
3: 1 scoop, 1 surge, 1 cap, 2 tbsp
4: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 2 tbsp
5: 2 scoops, 1 cap, 2 tbsp

9 scoops (13.5f, 27c, 180p) 121.5f, 108c, 720p
5 caps (7.5f) 67.5f
1 surge (26p, 51c) 104p, 204c
11 tbsp flax (33f, 11p) 297f, 44p

78c, 54f, 217p
312cal c, 486cal f, 868cal p
1666 calories


BS, high bar
bar trying to stay more vertical, sit between feet rather than pushing hips back. also: ouch, my knees.
95x5 ouch, my lower back! what the hell.
115x5 lower back... maybe depth? high bar position is letting me go lower than normal, past where lumbar is sound? knees a little better but still hurting. man my body is a mess today.
135x5 back feeling better... trying to cut depth to just a little past parallel. knees still ouch.
155x5 notice that I feel outer glutes quite a bit on these. "stay upright" muscles.
175x5 knees/back okay.
185x5 9.68 knees... otherwise felt okay. some butt rise, some knee dive. vid.
185x5 9.8 slopping up. wahhh.
Feel like a messed-up old man. One of those days. Stretched/massaged ITBs between sets to try to loosen up, helped some. Really tried to stay vertical and make this a high-bar squat; fairly successful although it means less weight. On vid actually looks like I was knee diving more than I thought... could be partially responsible for knee pain. Also maybe try wider stance to get more room to sit into.

65x4 kinda heavy feeling... feeling chest?
105x5 9.4 feels okay... back a bit ouch... keep wanting to fall backwards.
105x5 9.8 last rep close. ouch back. keep massaging ITBs.
105x5 f5 9.8. fair enough.
Seem to still be a bit sore from last time.

25x5 9.6 fine.
25x5 9.84 last rep hard.
25x5 f5 9.89. failed just short.
All slow, deadhang with pause at bottom, overhand, thumbs over, full range, DB in feet.

Turkish get-up
30. Started at top.
50. Started at top.
60. Started at bottom.
75(right) failed on the way down.
75(left) failed on the way down. vid.
75(left) challenging.
(Challenge from friend; go for TGU max.) All DBs, right arm then left (separately). Much fun.


Tried to stay off knees mostly (drop lunges but that's it). This and that. Worked the quads a bunch. Foam rolled ITBs with the weird soft roller. By now knees and back are feeling much better. Kept stretching quads at home. Starting to wonder if I'm getting sick.


Knees fine, lower back a little tight, right ankle a little gooky, and I'm definitely sick. Professor yesterday remarked on it, section today was canceled due to TA having a fever, and postal worker mentioned she'd been puking. Apparently there was even a health advisory over university email about some flu with nausea. Fantastic.

Full-on V-Diet.
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