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regardless of what you might hear from people.. the military is not bad at all. Yes recruiters will say whatever to get you to sign up but thats because they have a mission and a goal to sign up X amount of people in X amount of time.

My advice is to research each branch, find what each branch has to offer that is of interest to you. What do you want to do in the military? There are a lot of jobs, what would you like to work with? do you want to work with technology, do you want to travel a lot, do you want to go active, reserve, or guard? Do you want to go for college money or do you want to serve? As an officer you would have a lot of responsibilities, get a bigger paycheck but need a college degree. Enlisted means you have to climb the ranks, deal with a lot of BS, and at the same time you will have a blast.

It's really about what you want to do. If you go to and check out the forums over there you can get some good information as they have a recruiting section and forums for each branch, lots of good info there.

I think the best advice I can give is to just do what you want to do and make sure it is what you want. Research and find what interests you.
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