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Originally Posted by Kelly White View Post
Those prices dont seem to bad. It would take me about that much to make one plus a big mess.

What size would your recomend. I see you can make a couple of different weights with foam inserts or lead.

My deadlift max is around 375. Squat to ground is about 250.

The keg or other object would be very easy for me, but I want to leave in my backyard playground area, and I dont think I could pull off the keg in the back yard without getting slapped by my wife.
the foam core is trickier than it sounds, adding weights is easy, larger stones are also easier for people with longer arms.

once you have it down you'll want a bigger one so i'd probably go 17 or 18 and try the foam core.

if your wife objects to a keg what makes you think that a concrete ball will be better? no that there is anyhting wrong with concrete balls in your yard, I have a couple right now including a big nasty 420 that belongs to a friend.

alternativley, you can get a little shed or waterproof box to put your toys in.
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