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Originally Posted by John Kilbane View Post
Thanks for the advice guys. I forgot to mention that I'm 6'0" 135lbs. I don't want bulging "breasts", but an increase in upper body size so I don't look like a twig anymore. (Sorry that this turned into yet another "skinny guy" post, but I really value all of your opinions.)

What about all of the bad pree milk is receiving from those who are strict Paleo-eaters? Should I just disregard that?
I think the paleo way of eating is very logical and definetly healthy. But, I dont really see the value in being on a strict paleo diet. I mean... We are smarter and better equiped than they were back then, why not use it?

Drink milk, its one of the best things you can add to your diet IMO. Cheap, protein, fat, tons of nutrients and vitamins and tastes good.
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