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Originally Posted by Gittit Shwartz View Post
Patrick - I check my body temp in the morning because I have low T3 and I'm trying to fix my thyroid (with Dr. G's help).
While some degree of variation may not be a problem for someone with normal thyroid function, I've noticed a clear correlation between my AM temp and how well I feel/function on that day in terms of fatigue, motivation, mental clarity etc. If it drops below a certain point I might as well be hibernating
Also helped me figure out what things I do may be detrimental (fasting too much/too long, drinking coffee regularly, keeping carbs contantly below 30g) and what may be helpful (carb cycling, vitamin D).
Awh, I personally have not had to battle with thyroid disfunctions, but I was dating a girl who did, and it was real tough for her. She had to be real careful about what she ate and what she did, or shed just crash.

Its amazing when you do a little research how many foods have such a big effect on your thryoid functions. All this soy milk drinking/tofu eating people are doing now is gonna be costly later.
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