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Default Feb -17 "tabata" & 18th Atlantic State's open

Active rest today.

This morning I ran 10 people through Tabata interval's,
We rolled straight thru
Thrusters - all 8 interval's
Situp's - 2 interval's
Squat's - 8 interval's
situp's - 2 interval's
Kettlebell swing's - 8 interval's

Great time!!

I am working on the video right now, may take a while as I asked the wrong person to hold the camera, I can not get 4 second's of consistent video.

Tonite I took my daughter to an open gymnastic's class, I got to practice handstand forward roll, Planches on the low beam etc...

Tomorrow I am off to the Atlantic State's open Weight lifting competition,as a spectator, I will shoot some video while I am there.

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