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Originally Posted by John Kilbane View Post
Thanks for the advice guys. I forgot to mention that I'm 6'0" 135lbs. I don't want bulging "breasts", but an increase in upper body size so I don't look like a twig anymore. (Sorry that this turned into yet another "skinny guy" post, but I really value all of your opinions.)

What about all of the bad pree milk is receiving from those who are strict Paleo-eaters? Should I just disregard that?
Hey, you sound exactly like me when I was 19, not that I'm much older or larger now! (Seriously)

I've done pretty close to everything to gain some size in terms of training, at first. The common theme with all of it was it involved compound lifts, particularly, squat, bench and deadlift, and at times, the clean. In the very beginning, I followed a split-ish routine that was Monday-Friday, and used some machines, but always had the compounds, and always first. I moved to a six-day a week split. Then a four day. Then a pretty big lay off, where I lost a bunch of weight. Random layoffs and inconsistencies later I found CF then SS, through the person who wrote the four-day for me.

In all of this I've been instructed to do a lot of things and setXrep schemes. 10x10s, 10,8,6,4s, 3x5s, 5x5s, 3x8s, or even 3x6-8 or things like that (when you hit 3x8 with a given weight, move the weight up, etc).

The one common theme for me and my weight is this, if I do progressive strength training focusing on large compound movements, and eating sufficient amounts of food (not necessarily a whole lot more, PWO shake, Pre-Bed Shake, and/or Morning-Shake did.. at times I'd eat lunch twice a day at work, or eat something when I got home from work before going to the gym) my body weight goes up. If I'm doing nothing physical, my body weight drops 5-10 lbs then stabilizes. If I keep up activity and eat normally, my body weight either stays the same or continues to go up a little.

Anyways, I'm 6' and ~170 now, up from 133 two or so years ago. I train with an adjustable kettlebell and body weight exercises in my apartment. This helps keep/increase my strength without hitting the weight room, but doesn't do as much for my weight, but being a busy grad student, ~25-30 minutes away from the school gym which is always crowded and no cheap / not shitty gyms close to me, it works.

Summary: In the weight room, it all pretty much works. Just focus on lifting heavy things with compound movements. As far as eating, you don't have to follow a particular diet, and yes, whey protein shakes do help put on mass... liquid nutrition is way easier to consume. You can eat a clean diet (Paleo/Zone) and gain weight, it's just (a lot) easier to do it without a clean diet. I also like to lift because I like the results, and training is actually fun for me.. funny thing coming from a kid who thought he'd never say that

PS -
I like this company for protein & creatine:, but not their weight gainers (or any weight gainers).
Milk's cheaper, but harder to consume a lot of (always full, makes my stomach hurt), but digestives help the more unpleasant effects of drinking a lot of it. I like this brand:

To actually answer your original question! I've never tried anything like that, really, I don't really like using a blender to mix shakes, more dirty stuff than necessary. I'd typically eye ball 8-12 oz of milk into a glass, add protein and stir with a spoon. To make a higher calorie shake, I'd pour the milk into a cup at night, drop 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream into it and let it sit in the fridge over night (this is so that the ice cream melts, but nothing goes bad, and it's cold in the morning), then in the morning add the protein and maybe chocolate syrup, mix with a spoon... then enjoy.
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