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January 19 - 25 - Metabolic Conditioning, Strength Maintenance 1/4

Fran (45kg thrusters): 12:25
Three hours of sleep, five hours of lectures, five hours at the lab and then this. Can't do pull-ups anymore. My first ever Fran was better than this.
Fast: 16 hours
Calories: 740
Ratio (% Carb/Pro/Fat): 19/30/51

Helen: 19:18
I could feel my back swell up during the running so I had to walk the last two rounds.
Calories: 1192
Ratio (% Carb/Pro/Fat): 23/31/46

Cindy: 11 rounds
8 rounds off my PR. Same amount of rounds as my first ever full Cindy. Pull-ups and push-ups were a breeze. When it came to squats, I just couldn't move. Thighs were sore as fuck from Fran and Helen. Some of the air squats literally felt like 100kg back squats.
Calories: 1168
Ratio (% Carb/Pro/Fat): 21/32/47

Sore as fucking hell.
Calories: 1698
Ratio (% Carb/Pro/Fat): 16/26/58

Thruster: 1x67.5kg, 4x1x70kg
Deadlift (Hook grip): 2x140kg
Was trying for 5x140kg, which should have been easy. Didn't warm up properly and felt my back tweak on the second rep. Called it quits and haltered home.
Calories: ~3000
Ratio (% Carb/Pro/Fat): ?

- 3 rounds:
- 10 Russian one-handed Kettlebell Swings (left, 24kg)
- 10 Kettlebell Clean and Jerk (left, 24kg)
- 10 Russian one-handed Kettlebell Swings (right, 24kg)
- 10 Kettlebell Clean and Jerk (right, 24kg)
- 10 Overhead Kettlebell Swings (24kg)
- 17:15
Three sets of (without letting go of the bar between A and B):
- A. Max Deadhang Pull-ups
- B. Max Knees-to-elbows
- 6/10, 6/10, 8/10
Hung over and messed up. Was scheduled for medium intensity Olympic lifts, but didn't want to go through with it because of my back. Took it easy on the metcon. Stopping to rest plenty as soon as I felt any hint of muscular fatigue in my back. Just to be safe. Forearms were wasted from the kettlebell work, though, when it came to the pull-ups and knees-to-elbows.
Calories: ~1600
Ratio (% Carb/Pro/Fat): ~40/30/30

Calories: ~1600
Ratio (% Carb/Pro/Fat) 40/30/30
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