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Wouldn't it be better to get lean sources of protein and just douse them in oils (olive, walnut, avocado, etc?).

Also, I have a myraid of questions for you mike.

1. I know you don't support pwo shakes but I am not a big eater and consuming a pwo shake helps me get in more cals. IF you were too do a pwo shake what would you do. Whey and some carb source. Would fruit be better then gatorade powder? Say some pineapple or a banana?

2. I know you aren't so hot about fiber. You say fiber from fruits and veggies are fine though (I think I read you post that some where). If so what/how much fruits/veggies do you eat? If not, how do you get your vitamins/minerals? I also saw you reccomend probiotics, is philips colon health any good, I currently take that.

3. For general nutrition breakdown carb wise I get in more carbs on workout days and less on non workout days. It usually works out to around 200 grams (from 2-3 pieces of fruit, pwo gatorade/protein shake, and a sweet potatoe normally in the meal after working out) on workout days and anywhere from 100-125 on non workout (fruits and veggies only). Fats are normally around 70 grams workout days and 100 non workout days. Protein is normally a constant 160-180. Is this a good base? I know its all about calories and will up cals if not gaining but is this a good starting point? Also, what macros should I up first if not seeing gains?
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