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Default Anyone with lots of expierence with Oly Lifting Competing

While my main goals are to lose weight and become a police officer, I need a sport. I need something to help make training more than just fitness, but also something where Im striving to A, continually improve and B, beat other people. For that reason I am really interested in oly lifting and somewhat interested in power lifting (maybe even scottish highland games) too. I just found out that California has its own summer olympics for amaeuter atheletes which contains both power lifting and oly lifting and I want to start training in hopes of competing in 2010.

My weightlifting is currently split by a day of upper body, a day of lower body, and a day of clean and jerks. I want to change it to start preparing for that. The only actual programs I have come from Olympic Style Weightlifting for the Beginner and Intermediate Weightlifter by Jim Schmitz. Its good and contains lots of assistance work like BP, BS, etc etc which will help with the power lifting goals.

However, since its all I have, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get other programs to either try or to get ideas from. I meant for this to be longer and better thought out, but Im out of time and got to go, however, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

PS I have a had a little coach in oly lifting. Enough to know correct form so hurting myself via poor form isnt a top concern of mine.
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