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the most dramatic weight loss i ever had was back when i worked in the bulk section at wild oats supermarket. just moving bags of oats and boxes of nuts all day in addition to biking to and from work took the pounds off ridiculously fast. i was still working out and training bjj, but when this got thrown into the mix, i dropped about 30 pounds in 1 summer.

if you're body is falling apart, reevaluate your metcons.

if you've ever studied the keys semi starvation study, a lot of those guys went on diets around 1800 kcal a day. they ended up looking like holocaust victims. when i played with a diet around/lower than those numbers, i carried on well for a while. and then i would eventually cave in and have a ravenous binge. if i worry too much about dropping calories, then i end up thinking about food all day everyday. your own will power can only go so far before your body takes over. eat some more fat and protein if your body is telling you to do so.

if you desperately wanna be tiny, join a cross country team. i hate those gross kids.
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