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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
if you desperately wanna be tiny, join a cross country team.
God, no.

I know I'm not going to get as much out of this squat cycle as I could--it is unfortunate it is programmed into my training as I'm trying to cut. I'm just trying to make the best of it. So how's this sound: up the calories and protein and focus on pre- and post-workout nutrition for my weightlifting workouts. I'll add in some fasted walks in the morning, and will try upping the carbs 30g or so for a week or two and see where that gets me, cycling them down occasionally. Re-evaluate energy levels in about two weeks. I figure the only problem with this plan is increasing carbs and calories create confounding factors so it will be difficult to pinpoint which one is making the difference (if there is one) but I can always drop the carbs back for another week or two to see whether that's making the difference or not.
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