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Originally Posted by Carl Chia View Post
From what I understand:
Clean Deadlift = hip is lower. torso more upright. distance of shoulders in front of the bar is less, more vertical.
I am doing some research on this topic and came across this thread. I saw lots of discussion going back and forth but is what Carl described above the correct way we, as in O'Lifters, should be doing cleans?

I am coming from a Rippatoe training background. I got the book Starting Strength a couple years ago and studied it from front to back learning all the of Rip's techniques. Then about 4 or 5 months ago I got turned onto O'Lifting, so I am currently trying to unlearn basically everything I learned about lifting in SS....haha...seriously though, different squats (HB vs LB) different Deadlifts (clean vs Regular). My coach doesn't even want me doing just a plain press because he wants all my lifts to have some element of explosiveness (i.e. Push presses, power jerks, etc.)...
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