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Originally Posted by Chris Lampe View Post

Barbells just don't work for me right now. Every time I start squatting with weight I start getting bigger, which is precisely the opposite of the direction I need to go. Part of this is probably because squatting makes me ravenously hungry but part is that I naturally have large hips and legs that seem to gain quite easily. Past experience has shown that high intensity biking does an excellent job of shedding bulk so I'm emphasizing that for now.

You are correct about BW exercises. I obviously cannot do pull-ups or dips and I'm sure even my push-up number is <5. I view multiple sets of each as a goal and have decided on using the kettlebell to get some kind of strength training. I guess I'm looking for a type of minimalist approach for now but as I get smaller I plan to incorporate more exercises like rope jumping, rowing, barbells, etc....
I think youd have more fun with weights honestly, and youd see gains in your lifts much faster that way. And bigger muscles mean more fat burning. It also means you can eat more.

Clean up your diet so you can eat whatever you want, and keep lifting like that and youll start droppin BF.

But your plan looks sound. Try and add in those little things, and youll see results even faster, such as using stairs at work, biking to the store, etc etc. It all adds up.
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