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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
So are you saying you don't want to even venture towards a healthy diet? Because no matter what you do on any device or with any weight, if your diet sucks, you are going to stay unhealthy.
Come on, cut him some slack. He didn't say he doesn't want to eat healthy, he just wants answers that vary from "Shut up and do the WOD and eat on the Zone diet." He didn't describe what his diet is, and I'm sure Zone is an excellent choice...but it's not the only choice, is it?

Chris - George and Steven are completely correct, though. Diet is the key. You do need to each healthy. It doesn't have to be the Zone, but it does need to be different than whatever diet got you to 365 pounds. I'd look into the nutrition forums here, look at the Zone, Atkins, Paleo, etc. Or start simple, with Berardi's "7 Rules of Good Nutrition." (wfs)

If your diet is really bad, even little steps in the right direction will make a big difference. And probably will be a bit easier than a big, sudden change. But it will need to change to something or all the biking and bodyweight exercises and kettlebell swings won't add up to much.

Hope that helps.
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