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Originally Posted by markus willard View Post
Iím new to IF, I just started today! I follow the WOD CrossFit site, and CrossFit Endurance when I can.

Performance is everything to me

I usually workout in the mornings, Metcon or WOD, and CF endurance later

I could probably get in my Olympic lifts later in the day

My CF totals are around 825 (135 SP, 330 BS, and 360 DL)

Iím trying to get in at least 16 blocks, usually only use 10 blocks tops of Carbs

I tested my caloric intake at, I was only at around 1700 calories during IT

I want to lean out to around 7% BF, probably 11 or 12% now, and then build muscle, all while maintaining and improving performance.

Whereís the line drawn between performance and leaning out?

I want to be absolutely shredded, yet I want to kick ass on performance and build as much muscle as possible, all while keeping up my speed/agility/ and endurance.
Wow. Those statements are not all compatible. Take a couple deep breaths and read all the threads about the nutrition behind strength and performance gains, as well as the relationship between bodyfat and performance. You need more strength, more calories, and more pounds on your frame. I know you think the CF Endurance will help you get "shredded," but it's inconsistent with what you want to do.
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