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Default Programming for CF Cert

I'm signed up for a CF Level I cert slated for April 25-26, 2009. I've been of the CFHQ WODs for a few months now, and have cycled between the CA WODs and Rut's MEBB programming since October. Here are some current numbers for me:

Age 37
Ht 5'11"
BW 175

High bar squat 320#
DL 405#
Press 165#
OHS 185#
C&J 200#
Snatch - 135#

Fran 5:40
Cindy 22 rounds
Helen 9:40

Eventually, I'd like to get a CFT > 1000, a 4:00 Fran, and a BW snatch/1.5 BW C&J. However, I'd rather break the strength barriers than the metcon barriers.

For the time being (Feb until the cert), what would you all recommend for programming in preparation for a CF cert? Mainpage WODs? Hybrid programming? CA WODs? Thanks in advance for your input and advice.
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