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Originally Posted by Chris Lampe View Post
Thanks to all who've posted.

I didn't mean to imply that I don't plan to change my eating habits (which obviously suck) but rather that I don't want something as strict and regimented as the Zone. I realize, both from other's anectodal experiences as well as my own, that diet is the major factor I need to focus on. For now, I figure to just incorporate healthier food choices with moderating caloric intake.
Thats what I was saying. Dont worry sooo much about it. Im sure that unlike many of us here, you arent used to working out, and monitoring food choices may also be quite foreign to you. I mean... theres food, youre hungry... Eat! Right? Maybe for others, but we want to have long healthy lives right?

Chris, if youve started working out on that plan you sampled to us already, then youre well on your way to a healthy life. But if youre still trying to figure it out before you start, you need to change your mindset.

Dont get discouraged. Getting started is the hardest, but look at all the inspiring people here now!

As far as diet goes. No need to start zone or anything that regimented yet. Just do things like... take out soda during the week, maybe refuse that peice of pie today and have more salad instead of a roll for now. It all adds up.

Meanwhile, I would suggest you spend some time reading labels on food. Just start to gettin familar with the amount of calories, and where they are cooming from in food. When you realize that the 120 calories in that can of soda are all from sugar with no nutritional value, its easier to put down.
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