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My issue isn't with the programming. My issue is it takes only to page 6 to find that you'd have to pay out the wazzu for the entire program (and another whole book on doing...handstands?). I'm sorry but 5 volumes at $44+shipping doesn't make it great. I would have liked an entire program, but maybe my lack of knowledge about gymnastics (at least according to Coach Sommer who likes to tell me I have a lack of knowledge about gymnastics) is to blame.

I would have like to have seen an inclusive $100 book versus 5 x $44 books.

I can find things like:, and even the posts like this on his forum better than what I spent.

Heck the Navy guide to gymnastics and tumbling I downloaded from the CF website (the link to the whole book is at the bottom of the PDF) is an invaluable resource.

Sorry to be the lone voice here, but I stand by my opinion.
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