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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
My issue is it takes only to page 6 to find that you'd have to pay out the wazzu for the entire program
Haha the guys gotta make a buck somehow Honestly I would have liked if the price was slightly less steep, but the thing is that he can charge that much because people (me included) are still willing to pay that much for what he has to offer.

(and another whole book on doing...handstands?)
I actually like this about the series, because the handstand is such an integral part in any gymnastics program. I have been spending a lot of time working handstands lately, and am finding very little progress because I do not have either access to a coach or the resources to pay for one, so I'm looking forward to a book dedicated to handstand training.

but maybe my lack of knowledge about gymnastics (at least according to Coach Sommer who likes to tell me I have a lack of knowledge about gymnastics) is to blame.
I think he's trying to say that you haven't been trained by and training olympic caliber gymnasts, so there might be some points of their training that are lost on everyone without 15 years of gymnastics.

And all those resources you listed are good, but they are free for a reason. None of them are very comprehensive, and none address the basic strength exercises sommer shows in his book, or the ways to progress to them (except for the link to coach sommers stuff, but he had to keep people satiated til the book came out).
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